Locate your best friend, what is best practice?


Friendship is one of the most amazing relationships that we made with one another. It is the strongest interpersonal bond of association between two or more persons. Every one of us has one or more friends and some of them are best friend to whom we always like to stick together. No matter you are at school, college, universities, offices or any other stage of life you always look for someone who could accompany you, listen to you and care about you in your daily life.

Today’s mobile technology has made a lot easier to stay connected with your friends. Calls, text, viber, what’s app so many other tools help you to stay close to your friends, but this is not the end, as technology is going to get you even closer to your buddies & get you a chance to know where you friend is right now. Yes! It is possible with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System).

GPS is a group of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites which work with radio based digital signal system that contains data for any particular location at particle time and space. This technology is developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defence but some of its applications are also available for everybody else. This system has 3 main segments, first one is in satellite, second is ground receiver & third one is in every body’s pocket, yes! I am talking about cell phone.

Now you can check your best friend location with the help of GPS technology at any time, at any place, all you need to do is to feed you friend’s cell number in GPS application and it will track it down and gives you the exact location where your friend is right now, So try it and stay updated with your friends & their location.

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